Buddy Opportunities

Hi there! I know you are thinking what can Simply Weekend give for your brand advertisement or visibility. Admittingly, we are a new breed. But hey! It is growing by the day. Organically, it gained 1.5K views in its infancy months and still counting. That’s not bad for a start… It’s even more than good!

When 2016 ends in the calendar, we have 7,432,663,275 world population. From it, we have 3,424,971,237 people who use Internet. It is 46% of the world! So what? The Internet is becoming a need more than just a want compared to 1995 with only around 1% of the world population cares about the stuff online. And this changed the landscape of business marketing forever.

Let’s face it. Businesses are towards digital marketing, yet without disregarding our traditional methods. This is where Simply Weekend fits in. It will passionately help and support brands in their online visibility to reach more people. Start now!

Simply Weekend is your buddy online!

Here is what we can do.

Write an article containing 300 – 500 words of original content especially my own story or experience in relation to your brand. In this way, it will be a raw and pure organic content.

Social Media visibility support. The article written for your brand will be shared on Facebook and Instagram. For event coverage and store features, an album will be created for your brand containing 5-10 photos. (It might go beyond 10 if I feel happy that day… 😉 )

Press release accommodation. Simply Weekend is open to publishing press releases and will be tagged under Press Release.

Social Media Technical Support and Consultation. Simply Weekend can give inputs in your social media campaigns and/or handle your social media accounts for sustainable and relevant visibility of your brand.

Guest post containing 300 – 500 words of original content. Whenever you have a website and you need writers to contribute, Simply Weekend can write you an article related to your brand for your audience online.

Why Simply Weekend?

Simply Weekend is not a one-time support. It will stay and be there with you throughout your success online. It will support you all the way. That is what being a buddy is all about!

For inquiries on my affordable rates (especially on “what is in it” for Simply Weekend), be glad to drop a message on the Contact page.

Let’s become buddies today!